The renowned Dirt Half Challenge announces a major update to its course at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park. The revised race start will complete an anti-clockwise loop of the Waterside Park before joining the scenic Grand Union Canal towpath. This will make the start more fluid with wider paths, and no gates adding a new level of intensity and excitement to this already remarkable event.

The decision to switch to an anti-clockwise start direction was carefully considered by the race organisers. They considered the feedback from previous participants, eager to introduce a fresh element to the Dirt Half Challenge while maintaining the authenticity and essence of the event. The anti-clockwise start promises a faster start and will allow participants to get into their pace before joining the canal towpath. The rest of the route remains unchanged.

As the news of the anti-clockwise start spreads through the running community, excitement is mounting. Runners are eagerly anticipating the chance to conquer this new challenge and achieve personal bests on the revamped course. The Dirt Half Challenge, once again, proves its reputation as a race that consistently pushes the boundaries of physical endurance and mental agility.

So, if you’re ready to take on this exhilarating twist, mark your calendars and lace up your running shoes. The Dirt Half Challenge awaits on Saturday 18 November, and this year, it’s time to embrace the anti-clockwise revolution, discover new horizons, and conquer the course like never before!