Dirt Half Challenge, Bedfordshire 2019

  1. This race will be held under UK Athletics Rules.
  2. Runners must be at least 17 years old on the day of the Event.
  3. Participants must start the Event during an official start period.
  4. Any participant uncertain of their physical ability to participate in the Event should seek medical advice from a GP before the Event.
  5. No aids, such as skate rolling shoes, baby launchers, line blades, Nordic sticks, bicycles or other non-official wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course.
  6. This event is not suitable for wheelchairs.
  7. No animals are allowed on the course.
  8. All participants must write their names and details of any health or medication problems on the back of the race number, which must be unfolded, which should be visible on the front of the runner throughout the race.
  9. You will not be given a medal at the finish if you do not have a race number.
  10. The Event reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who declares false information on their application form, not making the required payment, or otherwise fails to meet the stated entry requirements.
  11. Participants participate on their own initiative and by entering you agree that no claims can be made against the Event organisers, and any party acting on its behalf.
  12. All participants must wear a bib chip so that they can be included in the official results via chip timing.
  13. By participating, all participants confirm that they are satisfied with their names and any photographs or photographs taken during their race involvement to be used to market the Event.
  14. All participants must acknowledge and agree that personal information (including medical information recorded on my race number or collected by medical staff may be stored during or after the Event) is stored, used and disclosed by the Event Organisers in connection with the organisation and administration of the Event.
  15. The Event Race Director reserves, at his absolute discretion, the right to modify, attach or omit all of the Official Rules.
  16. Participants will be bound by any adjustment or annex of the Official Rules issued prior to the Event.
  17. We do not recommend the use of personal MP3 players on the course as you need to be aware of other runners and to hear marshals instructions. If you do wear headphones then it’s at your own risk.
  18. Runners may transfer their place to another runner as outlined in the FAQS. No transfers after 27th October at 5 pm.
  19. Sorry, no refunds or deferrals under any circumstances.
  20. Runners must run wearing their own race number. Any runner found to be wearing another person’s number will be disqualified.
  21. Failure to follow these Official Rules can result in a ban and the loss of any prizes.
  22. Your personal data is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act.
  23. The Race Director and the emergency services reserve the right to stop the race at any time, if deemed necessary. These would be in circumstances beyond our control and no refunds would be given.

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