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Q. Can I wear spikes/studs for the races?
A. The courses are multi terrain, the routes are all along public footpaths, which cover a variety of surfaces. Grass, woodland and short road sections or crossings feature in all races so spikes are a definite no and studs are not a good idea either. Where there is a canal section the canal towpath is tarmac or fine gravel. If the weather has been wet there may be mud in places, we would recommend trail shoes or running trainers.

Q. Will I need to map read?
A. These are a trail races, so some familiarity with following way markers will be helpful, relying on following the person in front is not always advisable as they may be taking the wrong route. There will be some marshals and plenty of signs out on route and most sections will be straightforward but when crossing roads you will need to listen to instructions and be alert for signs pointing you in the right direction. You can study and download a maps from this website.

Q. Can I raise money for charity?
A. Some races will have a designated charity, to which a donation will be made from the entry fee. This is built in to the costs of holding the race. However, we would of course be delighted if you wished to raise money yourself for our charities – just ask us for more details by emailing dirtrunning@gmail.com. Of course you are also welcome to raise money for a charity of your own choice by asking people to sponsor you for the race, in which case you will need to contact your chosen charity for a sponsor form or to set up an online sponsorship page.

Q. Are there any obstacles to negotiate?
A. These are trail races – we know you don’t want a boring flat course! All courses may feature kissing gates and other wooden gates to pass through and/over. Each course may also require you to negotiate wooden bridges/walkways and or steps, which have been incorporated into the footpaths where there are steep slopes. There may also be mud and/or waterlogged areas depending on the weather. There may also be tree roots to be aware of in wooded areas. All obstacles you may encounter are those permanently in place on the footpaths and will be clearly marked on the course and highlighted in the pre-race instructions.

Q. Are the races suitable for beginners?
A. If you are new to running, or to trail running then you may find the courses challenging but by no means impossibly hard. Come along a find out why those who try trail running are soon hooked – being close to the beauty of nature is hard to beat. Even if you do find yourself walking up the odd hill, you definitely won’t be the only one and the sense of well being and exhilaration at the finish won’t be any the less!

Q. What if I am unable to run the race due to injury or other circumstances?
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds, transfers or deferrals under any circumstances. Please do not give your number to anyone else for health and safety reasons.

Q. Are there drinks stations?
A. There will be 3 drinks stations on a half marathon. If the weather is extremely warm you may wish to bring a drink to carry with you around the course.

Q. Is there a cut off time for finishing the race?
A. We anticipate that most runners will have completed the half marathon in 3:15 hours. We have not imposed a time limit as we are keen to welcome runners of all standards, including those who like to run/walk, however we cannot guarantee that marshals, finish line and medical provision will all still be in operation after the times indicated. For the five mile trail walkers are welcome, although we would recommend that you are fit enough to be able to complete the course within two hours.

Q. When do I receive my race number?
A. You will receive your race number and race instructions by post approximately two weeks before the event.

Q. Can I enter from overseas?
A. We often welcome runners from overseas to our races. You may enter online, however you must give a UK address for your race pack, alternatively you may collect your number and chip on the day of the race.

Q. Are the race distances exact?
A. The races are being run under UKA rules and have permits from the Trail Running Association. Each course is approximately the distance stated or slightly longer. This also assumes that the runner is following the race line at all times and remember Garmin devices may lose signal in the woods, so may not be accurate measure of total distance as a consequence.

Q. Can I wear headphones?
A. We do not recommend the use of personal MP3 players on the course as you need to be aware of other runners and to hear marshals instructions. If you do wear headphones then it’s at your own risk.